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Do life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness matter to you?

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"We can talk all we want about freedom and opportunity, about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but what does all that mean to a mother or father who can't take a sick child to the doctor? ..."

-- Hillary Clinton, on her plan for universal health care: "American Health Choices," Sept. 17, 2007, http://www.justhillary.com/herwords/healthcarespeech0917.php

When politicians (from both sides of the aisle) make statements like this, can what is at stake be any more explicit?

Take the politicians and their supporters at their word -- they really are trying to take your pursuit of happiness, your liberty, and even your life -- all in the name of health insurance for the children.

What are you doing about it?

I don't think any of us can afford to plead the excuse that we are too busy with building a career or business to have time to fight for our individual rights. The scales are tipping. You probably are already working more for the welfare of others than for your own. If you feel overwhelmed now, wait for another 10 years to do something about it and see how much harder it will be.

I suggest that one thing we can do is try to build more Objectivist community groups. Is it too early to try to build Objectivist community groups? Maybe. Is it easy? No. Can it make a positive difference in our lives? I think so.

What can a local Objectivist group offer?

The first thing it can offer the opportunity to meet others interested in the only integrated philosophy of reality and reason. The mere social interaction in such a group can inspire each of us to think better, to learn more about Objectivism, and to integrate the philosophy into our lives.

Then, once we start to meet each other and develop a core group of active participants, we will have the ability to organize to do more. The more who participate, the more an Objectivist group can offer and do. We can host a discussion group. We can host Objectivist speakers. We can support Objectivist clubs on local college campuses. We can raise money to give away copies of Atlas Shrugged. We can put up billboards to promote ourselves and Objectivism.

If there is not an active Objectivist group in your area, try to organize one. If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the few cities where someone else has already volunteered to organize a group, consider participating in it. If you do not like the way the local group is being organized, start another group.

Do you really have something more important to do?

Your pursuit of happiness, your liberty, and your life are at stake.

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