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U of M: November 14th, Craige Biddle

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Just got this email from ARI:

University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor, MI

"'Atlas Shrugged' and Ayn Rand's Morality of Egoism"

By Craig Biddle

Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Location: Auditorium A, Angell Hall

Time: 7:00 pm

Contact: University of Michigan Objectivist Club: http://umso.org/

Andrew Sardone, [email protected]

In her novel "Atlas Shrugged," Ayn Rand set forth a new morality, which she called rational egoism. In contrast to altruism--the idea that one should self-sacrificially serve others--rational egoism holds that one should selfishly pursue one's own life-serving values. Against predation--the practice of sacrificing others for one's own ends--Rand's egoism holds that sacrificing others is immoral and impractical. In contrast to hedonism--the idea that pleasure is the standard of value--Rand's egoism holds that the long-range requirements of one's life and happiness constitute the standard of value. And against moral relativism--the notion that "anything goes"--Rand's egoism holds that morality is absolute: Nothing "goes" except that which promotes one's life while respecting the rights of others.

Rand's egoism is a system of observation-based principles regarding the requirements of human life, personal happiness, social harmony, and political freedom. In this talk, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of "Atlas Shrugged," Craig Biddle presents the basic principles of rational egoism, contrasts them with the alternatives, and shows why everyone who wants to live happily and freely needs to understand and embrace them.

Craig Biddle is the editor and publisher of "The Objective Standard" and the author of "Loving Life." He is currently writing a book on the principles of rational thinking and the fallacies that are violations of those principles. In addition to writing, he lectures and teaches workshops on ethical and epistemological issues from an Objectivist perspective.

Please note: The above event is organized, hosted and sponsored by an individual campus club. Although ARI provides financial support, educational materials and speakers for eligible student clubs, campus clubs are organizations independent of ARI. ARI does not necessarily endorse the content of the lectures and sessions offered.

We hope you will be able to attend.


The Ayn Rand Institute

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As much as I would like to attend; traveling to “That place up north” during “Game” week is tantamount to blasphemy.

Michigan Sucks! Go Bucks!


Neither team looked so hot last weekend. As far as your trip is concerned, at least when you come to Ann Arbor with an Ohio license plate you don't have to worry about getting your car vandalized. The same can't be said about a trip to Columbus with a MI plate.

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