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GQ Published My Letter

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I'm a little late writing about this thanks to computer woes, but in this month's (November's) issue of the magazine GQ, a letter to the editor I wrote was the only letter featured. But the coolest part: it's a defense of rich people!

GQ actually published what I wrote, unedited and almost word for word and under my name, without any serious follow-up nonsense to provide discredit! Basically, for anyone in their national/international subscription base who reads that section, there is a pretty good "intro-defense" of the rich. I was thrilled about this; even if it changes five minds, that's five minds more than before.

I could not have written something like this before reading about Objectivism, so, "Thanks, Ayn Rand."

Here's the published letter:

Want to know why I subscribe to GQ for the pictures only? Take my rare reading foray into an actual article--your new column, Men & Money, by Joel Lovell ["Rich Friend, Poor Friend," September]. Instead of comparing rich friends with poor friends (or himself, in this case) in an honest attempt to figure out key differences between the two, Lovell completely wipes out by condemning the affluent because of their riches. Why even bother with the new column at all if it hates its own topic from the start? How about a rewrite: "Almost all rich people work hard for their money and deserve it. They're smarter than your average Joe, but usually polite, and they propel the standard of living for everyone else to incredible heights."

Pretty cool, huh?

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