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Switching to Mac

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Long story short, I decided to quit gaming and concentrate on more productive endaevours. Because of that, I think that selling my PC and buying iMac will be benefatical (I'm really excited about iLife and in the whole, this OS's utitlites look a lot better than the ones I currently have). But I need advice from those who have or had Macs.

The one special feature I need from any computer I buy is that it should not limit me in software developing. I can stand forfeiting MFC and stuff in favor of cross-platform framework, but I'm much more touchy about .NET and Visual Studio (AFAIK, only GCC-based IDE comes with iMac right away).

The other thing I need advice on is what Mac to choose. Since I'm not going for gaming anymore, I don't want top performance, but watching HD-video and using iMovie and stuff is still a priority.

I would also appreciate some general review of Mac and its comparison with Windows.

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Depends what kind of work you're doing. Windows is wonderful for work and such. Macs can edit videos and do graphical stuff, that's about it. If your doing this kind of work, then I guess it's alright to get a Mac.

I don't avoid, I avoid Mac's at all cost. :lol:

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I am Mac crossover person. I switched to Mac about three years ago. I'll never go back. It is so nice to not have to do all that spyware, adware, virus, router, firewall (etc, etc, etc) crap anymore.

But, I do not program. So why chuck the PC? I assume that if you are programming for Mac, then you will be using Mac tools. And Windows tools for programming in Windows.

Macs are most certainly easier to use and across the board more integrated than PC's. Any form of multimedia is second nature for a Mac. Just go for a test drive at a Mac store. I heartily try to avoid Mac vs. PC wars so I'll just say - go see for yourself. Macs are generally pricier than PC's, but there is pay-off.

What Mac to get? Don't get the mini-Mac. The lowest end iMac should be fine. It's a damn beautiful machine. And it will come with the new operating system which is awesome to say the least. It's worth having for the Time Machine function alone. And get your own mouse when you buy the Mac. I don't know what the deal is with their one-button mouse, but mine went in the trash can.

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Keep the PC. From what I hear VS and .NET are just a pain to use unless you want to virtualise Windows via your Mac and then run VS/.NET etc. Which I would not reccommend if you have a perfectly good PC around to run Windows natively, as its going to be faster and less of a hassle

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