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The Atheist Son of Christian Parents

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Montrevux, I was going to post something but realized it's been a few months since you last post. I was following this thread for a while, and was wondering if you could give an update of your situation.

Boy I wish I had this site when I was going through this mess.

I am an improv/sketch comedy actor and one of the scenes I had written, was me trying to tell my parents that I was an atheist right after my brother tells them he's gay. The parents were understanding and accepting of my brother's "big news". The parents continue to give him praise and tell him things like "That takes a lot of courage son" and "we're proud of you and accept your lifestyle" The parents then ask me "and what's your big news son" and I say "I'm an atheist" and the father says "Get the f#%&k out of my house."



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It sounds so foreign to me that telling your parents of your atheism is such a big deal. Being raised by atheists in a country where religion(except the religion of social democracy :) ) isnt that big of a deal probably does that to you.

In Finland a comparable taboo I can think of is if a man decides not to do military service and instead chooses the option of "civil service". I went to the military, due to it being a shorter option, but there are loads of people who choose military service instead of civil service due to the pressure they get from their father and grandfather. The choice of civil service is the equivalent of saying, "im a gay hippie who loves communism and wants Finland to be a part of Russia" according to many "traditional" finnish men........

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When I told them it was about five minutes of having a bunch of wild monkeys in the house followed by silence.

Something which is bugging me a bit is that she may only be so accepting because she may think of love as being something unconditional, ''forgiving'' me only because I already had a moral blank check as her son.

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In the past year, my parents became a bit more understanding - I was not kicked out and my education is being paid for, of which I am very grateful. I think the initial reaction was more shock than actual anger, and my father hasn't said an ill word about it to me since. In fact, we're pretty close now - a lot more honest to each other. I feel like my dad is starting to treat me more like an independent person than an arrogant teenager.

It's been over a year since I original created this thread, and I am fortunate to see that it worked out in the end for me.

Thanks everyone for all the responses, they were taken to heart and very informative.

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