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Happy birthday, Antonio!

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Happy Birthday!

OK. Now this is funny. I hadn't even noticed this because I haven't checked by RSS feeds. Then I run into this.

I've been off more than on here recently because my daughter is recovering from surgery on both her knees. They had migrated out of their proper position over the years and exacerbated her disability. Now she'll be able to fully straighten her legs and possibly stand. We'll see how that goes.

But she has her iBot! And as soon as the leg casts are off later this month we'll be taking her places without having to depend on ADA!

Thank you for the birthday wishes. While I'm keeping my masked avatar because V is such a great character, I did finally put my photo on my profile after some coaxing.

P.S. And thanks to my father for cooking a full Cuban dinner - pretty much the only present I ever desire for my birthday.



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