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Sparrowhawk: Book One

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I'm already into Book Five already!

When I came upon Chapter 14 and 15, I couldn't stop reading until I finished it by the end of the night/early morning.

I thought I'd never read about Reverdy again. I thought Cline was done with her. What a treat! What a complete surprise to me!

I want to look more into Reverdy's repertoire as well, and more into the artwork that is displayed on all the covers of the books. But before I do, I'll finish off Book Six when I get off work tonight. I'm already deep into that one!

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I've read "First Prize" and "Whisper the Guns". Both are good, short mystery-type novels.

Cool, I haven't read a mystery in a long while.

In Book Five, I wrote down a work that I had wanted to take a closer look at. Hugh mentions "Man a Machine" or "Man the Machine" which was authored by one Julien Offray de la Mettrie. It’s actually available HERE for those that are interested. Here’s what Hugh had said about the work:

"He wrote that even if a God existed, there was no moral reason why anyone should worship him. That has been my position for as long as I can recollect."

In doing even further exploration of this series, I thought I’d give John Milton’s Paradise Lost a read, since Hugh had mentioned a passage from it, coupled along with this quote, both of which have compelled me to read this work:

"Then devils we shall be! I own to having a certain fondness for Lucifer. He rebelled against absolute power, as well."

I could immediately identify with his "certain fondness for Lucifer", for I was and still am a card carrying member of the CoS, though I’m no longer a Satanist, I’m still taken in by the symbolism involved and so forth.

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I think that I will try to get my hands on The SparrowHawk Companion book after I finish the series. Anyone read it? I wonder what's all in it.

As a note, all the books in this series are available as Kindle books as of Feb. 10th, including the Companion, which I will buy once my Kindle 2 is shipped to me! :)

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From Google, it would seem that tracks 17, 18 and 19 on this disc are what you;re looking for.



Discussing Vivaldi tonight, and came across this video, and think this is the Echo Concerto!  Thanks!  This is the first movement, only watched a little of it, though, short on time:


A.Vivaldi - Concerto for 2 Violins in A-Major "per eco in lontano" RV.552 1M



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As a long time listener of public radio classical and jazz, watching the recorded performance added a dimension I've not imagined in quite some time.


It's pretty easy, having played the piano on and off for years, to notice in a movie where the focus on the piano players hands just don't jive with the sound. Still, having little to do with the violin, seeing the integration between the movement and sound was captivating.


Couldn't quite relate where the second soloist resided relative to the first.


Thanks. That was a treat. We now return you to the regularly scheduled topic.


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To me it appears that the "echo" is high up, like in the balcony or high box seat area off to the side. The conductor looks up and to the left. He does at the end of the third movement, in which he seems to be giving them time to come down and join them onstage to bow before the audience. I think the sound of the "echo" violin is perfect, giving the effect of distance, while at the same time being audible. 
Movement 2: 
Movement 3:
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