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Just curious what the latest happenings are, if any, in H-town. Are there Objectivists here? Have you found much good stuff to do here?

Not that it's all related to Objectivism, but I've found a nice wall-climbing place if anybody's into that (north Houston). Also good trails and parks for running.

The Museum of Fine Arts is somewhat small but has some good stuff. I caught a play in downtown a little while ago, Choir Boyz, it wasn't terrible. Tonight (1/11/08) I'm going to the MFA to a showing of the movie War and Peace. They seem to play some fairly interesting movies from time to time.

I haven't been here that long, so that's about the extent of what I've found, though I still need to go to more museums and theater productions. I'd like to hit up some live music scenes.

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I was just there for a week over xmas and bored to tears. Sorry I didn't know you were there. I will let you know the next time I'm in town. :wub:

I know boldstandard is in the Houston area and I've heard there's an O'ist group that meets there, but I've also heard they're kinda snooty?? Don't want to spread a rumor, but just wanted to let you know it's out there for whatever it may be worth. Perhaps someone else can elaborate or quell what I hope is an inaccurate rumor??

Good luck!

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I am a native Houstonian. The rock gym is right down the street from where I live and there are some great trails for mountain biking and running. Memorial Park used to be a WW2 traing ground and is quite hilly for being in this region. As far as music and entertainment what do you enjoy? And as to K-Macs' remark...... I have never socialised with local Objectivists though I have attended a Bernstein lecture at U of H and found the folks there not to my taste. (Sorry) This is the first time since I was eight-teen that I have gone out of my way to communicate with other Objectivists. I love the city and the economy keeps me here.

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Yeah, I go training with Marines in the morning through Memorial Park.

As for music, I'm fairly jazzy, electronic, old rock, old country, blues. Fiona Apple really does it for me these days. Roger Miller, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Cake, and Radiohead. If that gives you a picture. I'm gonna try to see some opera and symphony, too.

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