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Glad To Find This Small Refuge

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Man, did I need to find this place!

I'm just coming off a rant at a screenwriting forum I post at. Someone had posted a synopsis of his script about the evils of hmo, corporate medicine, and people trying to make money from hospitals. He then went on to state how he wanted to do something about all the personal ambition and corporate greed.

When I pointed out that personal ambition and the profit motive are the things that have made modern medicine so desirable, he asked me if I ever had a baby die on me?

What the hell does that mean? I then pointed out that baby's die in countries with socialized medicine as well.

And then another thread someone lashed out at my "stupid right wing" idea when I pointed out that Farenheit 9/11 wasn't a documentary as much as an op/ed piece.

It's like I'm taking crazy pills or something. I've been reading over a lot of the posts here and I've been getting this warm, fuzzy feeling. Ahhh, it's like coming home :lol:

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This forum can change the course of history.

Can I quote you on that? ;)

Just finished writing a paper about the Intellectual Salons of the Enlightenment.

I'd be interested in seeing it as well.

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