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Berkeley's Shame

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By Nicholas Provenzo from The Rule of Reason,cross-posted by MetaBlog

As I was chatting away with a freelance journalist from New Zealand, less than ten feet away from us someone set fire to an American flag that was hung by one of the pro-Marine demonstrators on a sign-post for Berkeley's "Peace Wall." It burned so hot we actually felt the heat in the night air, and it destroyed several bikes that had been chained to the post. Despite an overwhelming police presence, to my knowledge, no one was arrested for the act, the danger that they caused to others or the destruction of private property.

Like many of us, I have debated flag burning in the abstract for years (I respect the freedom to burn one's own flag as much as I deeply detest the act). Never would I imgaine that I'd be right in the glow of such a despicable act.

Why despicable? Because the flag burner choses to heap his bile upon a country that protects his freedom to destroy even a most cherished symbol.



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Here's an appalling video of protesters obstructing the free movement of individuals seeking to enter a recruitment office as the police stand by and do nothing. I'm truly disgusted.


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Hey RB, we missed a cop's viewpoint when we discussed this here. I think that cop looks a bit embarrassed (the way he turned away at one point); as though he'd rather act differently, but is following orders.

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A rather ironic aspect to this situation is that by selecting a military recruitment office as the object of their anti-war/anti-Bush protest message, they apparently are unaware of the fact that the most anti-war presidential candidate in the 2008 election gets more support from active duty military members than all of the other democratic and republican candidates combined. I'm speaking of Ron Paul of course. And thet the largest employers of those who contribute to his campaign are the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

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