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Jim A.

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I'll be the first one to name a reality TV show and a soap opera.


One Life to Live - but admittedly I haven't watched for over 10 years. I sure loved it in the 90s while I homeschooled lol

Curb Your Enthusiasm/Seinfeld

Dah Ali G Show

South Park

Northern Exposure

Chapelle's Show

Star Trek - pre-voyager

MP Flying Circus/Fawlty Towers

The Kids in the Hall

The Simpsons/Futurama

King of the Hill/Beavis and Butthead

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I have become a TV junky for a while with my new TV:

United States of Tara


Parks and Recreation (LOL almost every episode)

30 Rock


Project Runway


The Office (depressing or hysterical depending. Like Community, perfectly portrays a poorly managed office environment (is there the other kind anymore...?))

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The only current shows I watch are Breaking Bad, Caprica and Dexter. I love the trashiness of Spartacus but heard the lead actor is not returning for a second season due to cancer.

The rest of the Tv shows I watch are dvds of past shows Deadwood, Sopranos, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I've been watching a Korean soap opera that is probably only amusing if you're Korean or happen to work in restaurants. It's on Hulu and is called Pasta, about a young Korean girl trying to make her way as a cook in a fine dining Italian restauant in Seoul.

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What's up with Glee?

I know a lot of people that love it.

I find it unwatchable- even though I'm not completely averse to musicals.

I know, I know... Sometimes I can only seem to explain my behavior to myself by pulling the gay male card, but that seems like a cop out. The show is outright stupid most of the time, but I like the brunette's singing voice, and I used to be a singer, so naturally the karaoke theme appeals to me. For a second there the show had rapid-fire drama, but now it's repetitious and a little dull. But I will still watch this week's episode because of last week's: an episode which contained outright slams on religious belief... unfortunately mixed with the obligatory positive portrayal of the religious side, too.
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In fairly "random order :



House MD (mostly the earlier seasons, though the latest one I saw was looking more promising)

Stargate: SG-1 / Atlantis (earlier seasons mostly, before the Ori storlyine. I am putting Atlantis in here as it is a fairly similar spinoff in terms of essentials).

Get Smart ( who would have though someone besides me would have listed this old show already ? ;. But not Season 5 which was mostly awful).


Star Trek ( in many ways mostly the earlier stuff before Communism was infesting everything. And I hate at least 1/3 of the episodes ever made. Less said about Voyager and much of ds9 the better.)

Futurama (NOT the latest few seasons which are awful)

Monty Python (not the last season, which needed the Rubber Chicken treatment ;) )

Fawlty Towers

Penn & Tellers Bullshit! ( some of their conclusions are...well.....the name says it all)

South Park (unlike many of my items here, this one seems to get better for the most part)

Family Guy (first few seasons, mostly the first..four I think).

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I have recently been watching two shows since I have been busy, as well as the occasional Daily Show, Colbert Report, The Office and House. Southpark when I have time for it. These two are:

1. The Event which has had it's ups and downs and is ending its first season about now. It's been good enough for me to keep watching every episode though.


2. The Walking Dead A new zombie tv series on AMC. It is actually very good and I have been fully dedicated to it. It has 5 episodes out only right now. So if you like this stuff I highly suggest you check at least one episode out. Great developing story and well-rounded characters you can get attached to. http://www.amctv.com/originals/The-Walking-Dead/ (That police guy usually doesn't have the goofy hat on, and he is actually a bad ass and the main character)

Boardwalk Empire is a high-budget HBO show with Mafia-esque theme. If you like that kind of stuff you must attempt to check this out.

If you want a really good laugh I give many compliments to Curb Your Enthusiasm (People that liked Seinfeld have to watch this), and The Modern Family.

If you want a good Modern Spy-esque type of show, Burn Notice is the best thing there is. 5 stars from me. Fully entertained the whole time I've watched it, great acting.

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There are two shows for me that belong in their own separate category:

Seinfeld(+ Curb Your Enthusiasm) & The Wire

The reason being that they both "ruined" other shows of the same genre by being so much better. The Wire especially, as it gives a real look about police work and people in public office. After watching The Wire, I have only been able to watch "humoristic" detective shows like the Mentalist, Bones etc. Trying to watch an episode of Cold Case, where the Philadelphia PD Cold Case Squad week after week solve unsolved murders from as long as 60 years ago instantly feels ridiculous. Probably 99% of Cold Cases that are solved are due to someone coming forward with relevant information, some newer crime somehow relating to the old case or by testing for DNA that wasn't previously possible. I can guarantee you that unless the case is a Zodiac/JonBenet Ramsey type superpublicized case that no squad has time to go solve a murder from the 1930's just because the greatgranddaughter of the victim found some letter about the victim having an affair or something(something that routinely happens in the show).

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I don't remember if I replied to this and I choose not to put the effort to give a look see. So here goes...

Star Trek OS, Next Gen, and some Enterprise



Dragonball Z (haven't seen any Dragonball or GT yet)





How it's Made/Factory Made

sometimes Top Gear

Family Guy (sometimes though it's hard to catch on I haven't seen)

Survivor Man

Those are the ones that I have seen the most of. Here are some that I plan to watch from episode one to episode last when I get my hands either on the DVD or can watch online.

The Walking Dead ( I watched the Ep. 1 Premier and I remember being freaked the f*** out by this show. I liked it so much that I missed episode two and refuse to watch it until I can see it in order.)

Cake Boss- Meh. I think it does a great job of showing this guy(s) who is super damn good at what they do and the trails that they has to go through to do what they do. Good show.

Rome- I remember seeing the preview adverts but I have not seen one episode so I don't know if it's any good.

That's mostly of what I can think of now. I would probably have a much longer list of the shows I DON'T like that this. Bleh!

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The Walking Dead ( I watched the Ep. 1 Premier and I remember being freaked the f*** out by this show. I liked it so much that I missed episode two and refuse to watch it until I can see it in order.)

Good call. So far it's a great show.

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*Penn & Teller's Bullshit: I love every season of this show. It doesn't hurt that Penn Gilette is either an objectivist or at least an Ayn Rand fan.


That's just off the top of my head.

He is not an Objectivist. Watch his Youtube channel/show "Penn Point" or whatever it is called and you will find that out before long. I recall one episode where he decided Ayn Rand had some good ideas but was a bit of a lunatic and that some of the ideas in her books would not work etc.

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