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Hello From Mexico (spanish)

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Mi nombre es Manuel Escamilla, estudio Objetivismo desde hace 4 años cuando consegui mi Atlas Shrugged.

Actualmente trabajo para promover el objetivismo comercialmente, lo cual es un objetivo arduo ya que México es un país lleno de misticismo y altruismo; recientemente sufrí un ataque plagado de misticismo el cual destruyó mi relación con mi esposa, con quien tuve un bebe a quien me gustaría enseñarle la filosofía de Ayn Rand desde su infancia.

Espero encontrar amigos en este foro y les deseo lo mejor a todos.

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Tres años de español y yo no conozco como leer este en menos que diez minutos, o escribo bueno. :confused:

I don't know how to write Spanish well, despite taking three years of it in high school. I understood most of what you wrote, though, so I guess that means something.

Welcome, and hopefully you will find the friends you're looking for here.

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Bienvenidos al forum! Entiendo muy bien tu situacion ya que yo naci en Peru. Actualmente vivo en Los Angeles. Me da gusto ver que te estas proponiendo a promover la filosofia de Ayn Rand, muchos otros paises latinos tambien lo necesitan ya que el misticismo/religion juega tan gran parte en la vida de sus ciudadanos.

***for those who don't know spanish***

Welcome to the forum! I understand your situation very well as I was born in Peru. I currently live in Los Angeles. I'm glad to see that you're promoting Ayn Rand's philosophy, many other latin countries need it as well, as mysticism/religion plays such a great role in the lives of its citizens. :confused:

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  • 1 month later...
hey folks !

Lets just stick here to english. This goes for the Spaniaards too.

:confused: Why bring this up over a month later?

You do what you want, they can do what they want, and if it becomes a problem the moderators will deal with it then.

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A month later because i saw it a month later. ;)

Moreover I thought this forum was open to everybody and included all members. Spanish or any other langauge will surely exclude people who do not understand it.

What's the problem with sticking to english anyway. :confused:

Lets not create a small europe within this forum. You would understand what i mean by that if you were a europeon.

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Lets not create a small europe within this forum. You would understand what i mean by that if you were a europeon.

Like I said: We will deal with it when it becomes a problem. In my view, one small thread that wasn't that cryptic anyway is not a big deal. If you have an argument as to why it is, feel free to give it. But you will have to do better than the one about "excluding" people who don't speak Spanish (which for all intents and purposes would include me, if it got into a really philosophical discussion). But if you want to start with the premise that "this forum is open to everybody" to establish your claim about people being excluded, you've already contradicted yourself--because what about people who don't speak very good English? Is the forum open to everybody--except them? Are we to "exclude" them?

But again, I don't view this thread as a problem.

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