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What's your nick?

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I've never really vested much meaning in my name. My nick is simply Nate_S for Nate Struttmann. Im pretty sure when I market my Illustrative work once I graduate and get out in the field that Im going to drop my last name and simply be Nate James....my full name being Nate James Struttmann. Its just more marketable I feel.

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I normally go by Organic Power or Organichu, but the first seems to imply that I'm an environmentalist (hey, I thought it up when I was a kid while watching cartoons), and the second sounds like a pokemon.

I consider myself an Objectivist, but not on the level of familiarity with the thought to contend with the debaters on this forum.

Thus: AspiringObjectivist.

AIM: OrganicTheAuthor.

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Mine is blatantly simple. I'm a very rational person and I'm a cop. Hence:


On other (non-O-related) forums I'm known as VernStevens, Futbolhead, Canonshooter and Sgt. Rockhead. I guess I have a forum identity crisis. :)


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AIM: thinkonaut

Yahoo Messenger: thinkonaut

Website: http://groups.msn.com/adrianslist

Profile: http://profiles.yahoo.com/thinkonaut

Ask me for my Live Journal screen name.

I'm interested in the philosophy of math, music, songwriting, and artificial intelligence--or just good conversation in general.

--Adrian Apollo

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