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Bernstein at University of Michigan

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By Kendall J from The Crucible & Column,cross-posted by MetaBlog

"Religion vs. Morality"

by Dr. Andrew Bernstein

Thursday, April 3, 2008, 8 pm

University of Michigan — Ann Arbor, MI

Location: Angell Hall, Auditorium C

Maps and directions

Contact: [email protected]

Conventionally, most people believe that morality can only be based in religious faith, that in a world without God no principles of right and wrong could exist. Related to this, philosophers have long held that no objective, fact-based, rational code of values is possible.

Regarding both points, this talk shows that the exact opposite is true. The purpose of morality is to guide human life on earth and religion is utterly incapable of it. Flourishing life requires a code of secularism, rationality, egoism and freedom. Religious faith clashes with every principle of a proper moral code, and, as such, has led, and can only lead to hell on earth.

Dr. Bernstein is a visiting professor of philosophy at Marist College and author of The Capitalist Manifesto.262010041

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Hi everybody! I attended. Unfortunately I had to leave half way through the Q & A. I am sorry I didn't get to meet some of you personally. Perhaps I'll be able to introduce myself next time there is a local event. I think Dr. Bernstein is a fantastic public speaker, don't you agree?

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How many attended in '06? I would guess there were about 50 there last night.

When we hosted this event at Georgia Tech in the fall of 2006, we had about 90 - 100 in attendance. This was definitely our highest attended live speaker event of the 6 that my club was involved in organizing over the past five years!

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