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Hi all,

I figured I'd post here since there are a lot of tech-oriented people who might be able to help.

I've had no problem getting into my gmail account from work for the two months or so I've had the account. Then out of the blue, at 11 this morning (after having checked the account once today already), I was prompted for my username and password and redirected to a screen saying my cookies were disabled. I went to my IE settings (version 5.5 I think) and the cookies are enabled! I've tried several times since and received the same message and have been unable to access my account. I emailed their help team and was given a link to their help page, but the link didn't work.

Could this be a problem with Gmail's systems or possibly something wrong with my computer or system?

I'd appreciate any help you could give me! If you can help me get in, I'll gladly give you a gmail account or send you brownies or we can work something out :-D


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I figured I'd post here since there are a lot of tech-oriented people who might be able to help....

Which fact spurs me on to ask my own question in regard to Gmail. After all of this talk I became curious about how Gmail works, and thanks to a gracious forum member I received an extra invite in addition to the one that I passed on to someone else.

I signed up with Gmail without any problems, but after I login Internet Explorer displays a blank page. If I take down ZoneAlarm Pro I am able to see what is otherwise blank, but I am not wont to take down that protection. Also, I am able to see the page after login using Betsy's computer, and there she uses the free version of ZoneAlarm.

I have fidgeted around with various settings in ZoneAlarm Pro but I can never get Explorer to display anything but a blank page after login.

Any suggestions?

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Thanks Hoov. It was a privacy issue. I thought I had tried everything previously. So this time I opened the Privacy page on ZAPro and turned off Cookies and Ads, and emptied the cache. Then I logged on to Gmail and was able to access my inbox. So I copied the URL and pasted it into the "Add" option on the ZAPro Privacy page "site List" tab. Then I logged out and in again on Gmail. Went back to ZAPro and moved the Privacy sliders on the Main tab for Cookies and Ads to Med(ium). Did this on 3 different computers - all with ZA Pro and with W98se, W2K and WXP respectively. Works fine now. Any variation in the above and it did not work. so that 's the solution. The free version of ZA has no problems with the site.

BTW: Google: 'gmail zonealarm problem' | "I'm feeling lucky" :huh:

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My original problem is happening again and it seems like it's permanent this time.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Help!

I recommend giving up on IE altogether and start using Mozilla Firefox. My roommate was having a similiar problem to yours when he was trying to log-in to his campus e-mail server. I looked through every possible setting in IE and I couldn't get it to work. I installed Firefox and he was able to log-in fine.

Plus Firefox is smaller and faster, automatically blocks popup ads, and you don't run into malicous adware and malware like you do with IE.

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I'm using a work computer, though. Does that pose a problem? Will installing Mozilla mess with what my company already has installed (IE 5.5)?

As long as you can install programs on your work computer you shouldn't have a problem. Mozilla functions completely independent of Internet Explorer so it won't mess with any of the current settings.

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