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Hello From Michigan

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I found this forum through Google Groups. Good thing too. I've been in a state of confusion about several issues and hope to find some answers, at the very least some leads to follow.

It happened quite by chance that I came accross "Atlas Shrugged" when I did. I was in desperate need of a philosohical house-cleaning. Until that point I had been heavily influenced by the 80s punk/goth scene and heading straight toward an explicit and active nihilism. I beagn "Atlas" with the thought, "know thy ememy" and emerged thoroughly suspicious of my ideas.

Now that I am an Objectivist, I'm looking to clarify my understanding, deepen it and expand my knowledge of philosophy in general--perhaps even contribute.

Joe C.

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Hey Joe,

Welcome to the forum.  I'm an ex-"club kid" too.  :yarr:

-David Marsilia

I'm glad to see others have left that behind.

My political values, hence my ethics, were heavily influenced by The Dead Kennedys. I accepted altruism without question and blamed man for not living up to a standard that I did not know was impossible to practice. I found myself becoming so cynical that I wrote-off humanity as a lost cause. Those were dark days indeed.

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