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Greetings... Greetings. For those of you who have yet to make the obligatory eye twitch to your left, My name is Michael, but you all can simply call me Nyronus. I am young man, heading to college in the fall. I want to write for a living and now do so in my free time. You can read some of my works here. I was introduced to Objectivism by a teacher who gave me the choice of reading Ayn Rand. Reading Atlas Shrugged spring-boarded my interest in Objectivism and Philosophy as a whole. I joined this forum because I'd like to talk more of Objectivism, and you all seem far less vitriolic then the other Ayn rand forums. I joined a while back, but got sidetracked and only started posting today.

You all seem like an interesting bunch, looks like fun.

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This fall I shall be attending Southeastern Louisiana University and am currently planning to major in Creative writing, and then try to slip in Philosophy, History, and German (And possible Physics as well) where I can. I've read Atlas Shrugged, and the Fountainhead, and probably far too many Wikipedia articles to be healthy.

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A belated welcome, young sir. Apart from about 50 years of generational gap, I think we have a lot in common. I grew up in Bastrop at the top of the boot, went to Northeast when it was NLSC, and have pretensions of being a writer. I wrote for a few years for a little newpaper in NM awhile back. It was a great experience.

You didn't mention where in the state you are, but I hope you remember where you left the hatch battens. Gus may be coming to call in a few days.

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