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Paul Gilbert

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I've really gotten into Paul Gilbert's music after being impressed by his performance at the G3 concert last year. His playing was masterful and he had a great ego and old fashioned flair for showmanship. I especially enjoy his two instrumental records. My favorite instrumental tracks of his include Eudaimonia Overture, Get Out Of My Yard, Hurry Up, and The Rhino. From Paul's pop records I enjoy the tunes My Religion and Space Ship One.

An added bonus is that Paul is a fan of Ayn Rand and says he's been influenced by her philosophy. I've read a few interviews in which he encourages people to read Miss Rand's books but Paul never aggressively preaches to his fans.

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Paul's the man. I recently bought one of his guitar instructional DVDs. I really like his style and the fact that he knows jazz and classical theory. Plus he's just got a really great personality and sense of humor, and his music always reflects a positive sense of life. He's one of my all-time favorite shredders, right up there with Robert Fripp, David Valdes, and Steve Vai.

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