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Could plasma conversion revolutionize waste management?

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I read about this process in Maclean's magazine. Plasma conversion uses plasma torches to break garbage down to its component elements, and the resulting gases can be used for power generation. A company called Startech is the real trailblazer with this amazing technology. Is this too good to be true, or could landfills, and most traditional recycling, be a thing of the past?

Perhaps more importantly, will plasma conversion become widespread or will the Gaia-worshipping ecofascists try to block this innovation?

Here's the link: http://science.howstuffworks.com/plasma-converter.htm

Also: http://www.startech.net/plasma.html


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I read the PopSci print article last year. They are already up and running in several cities, producing profits. Very cool stuff.

What I found interesting is that the cost to dispose of garbage via landfill is actually a bit cheaper in most places than to use the plasma incinerator. Only a select few cities which have long distance shipping routes, such as New York City, actually need this. So far from the "garbage crisis" nonsense that the greens foster on us, we were very very far from garbage even being a problem at all, much less a crisis.

Now, with the use of this invention, it can basically never become a problem. Take that, you Neo-Malthusian idiots.

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