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How is this for Objectivist Music?

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stuzal atla creala iuday

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Here's the lyrics:

Don't tell me that I care too much about myself,

don't complain that I can't love you more than anyone else (including me).

Don't tell me that love is something you just feel;

that you can't understand it, it's just so surreal.

There's a reason for for why I disagree with these sayings you say,

when you don't even know what they really mean anyway.

I'm selfish enough to settle for nothing less than you,

you're the best for me, and I'm rational enough to know it's true

to know it's true,

there's a reason for why your love makes me sing

if I wasn't so selfish, it wouldn't mean anything

I'm selfish enough, to settle for nothing less.

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It's not my best performance, but what do you guys think of the song?

Must be annoying to have all those school buses and students being dropped off and picked up in your bedroom, lol. j/k. I think the song needs a chorus or something, cause it's kind of repetitive sounding after a while (maybe just changing up the bassline a little would help). The singing is pretty good, though.

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Thank you. I know the baseline is very repetitive. Frankly, it was just supposed to be a filler and the piano/guitar improve that goes on throughout the entire song can barely be heard. The problem was that the camera was standing on top of the bass-player's amp. I understand what you mean.

There is a chorus. The part "I'm selfish enough to settle for nothing less than you..." repeats twice, but I understand what you mean by the repetitiveness.

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