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Photos And A Video Of My work

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In my introduction I mentioned that I'm a skateboarder.

Here is a video me and my friend made last summer. Once the screen goes blank that's it, no point in watching the rest. http://youtube.com/watch?v=QGw_jnljwbE

Here are some photos.






These days I'm much better, but the person who took those photos is pretty busy, as am I. Finding time to do photo shoots is difficult these days. I've considered getting the last one as a tatoo.

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Stunning. I've always been amazed by people who could do those kinds of acrobatics, whether they are on a skateboard or a bike or elsewhere. Cheers to you! Just don't break anything.



The pain only goes down to a certain point.

That particular incident happened next door to our local EMS station, ironically.

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Nice, Raum...

... let's see a hardflip revert out of that manual...

Hardflips and fs flips don't really happen for me. That nose manual around the box in the video, there's a hip in front of where I end the trick. Now what I do is hold the nose manual to the box then nollie bigspin out.

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