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Happy Birthday KendallJ!

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Hey, thanks so much to everyone for your birthday wishes! 40 is the new 20, and I feel like I'm 20. Today I ran in my first 5K in a new age class and finished a little over 21 minutes which means I can still tick off a 7 minute mile. And I also cleared enough of my overgrown beds at my new house that tomorrow I may get to plant some flowers. PLayed with the pooch and now it's off for a good dinner, a good book, and my journal.

I also appreciated so much your words of thanks for my contributions to the board and discussions I've had with you. I have a great respect for the people on this board and consider many of you, although we've never met ('cept Snerd and Gags of course!) good friends!

Thanks again! and see some of you at the 'CON!

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Happy Birthday! :)

I second what everyone said about you being a great poster on this forum. I also appreciate the personal guidance you've given me over this past crazy, wonderful year of my life. You're an awesome person and I wish you many, many more years of happy birthdays.

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Happy Birthday! You're an inspiration to me, in what you say and do each day, and I look up to you as a real role model for the kind of attitude I want to possess and the person I want to be.

Here's hoping I can be your kind of 40 when I'm 20, so I can be that kind of 20 when I'm 40.

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Happy Birthday, Kendall! I look forward to seeing you in person at OCON in a few weeks! I feel like I've already met you online; seeing you in person will just be connecting corporeal form to disembodied soul. :dough:

OCON or bust, GB! See you there. ;)

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