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Kerry's Speech

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Kerry's key line was, "Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response."

Which means-I'll will wait until alot of Americans are killed and then I'll show them, if the UN say its OK.

Note that Bush has responded in the exact manner that you have stated here.

So what's your point?

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AP at 3:45pm est at Drudge: under Kerry in favor of US OBL Trial.

""We broke relationships by rushing to war without allowing our allies to work through their own politics and their own reservations so they could come to the table, support it," he said. "That is a breach of common sense about how you take a nation to war.""

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Areactor wrote:

  I'm almost glad about this election year. It opens your mind up to a lot of issues.

It opened my mind up to how much I want to vote against John Kerry. Every time he opens his mouth, I become more strongly opposed to him. Is anybody on this forum not planning on voting for Bush? If so, why not?

I've heard that Leonard Peikoff and Michael Hurd have been very critical of Pres. Bush. and may be leaning toward either not voting or voting for Kerry.

Does anybody know what their reasons are?

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