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Marxism and Environmentalism

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The Czech Republic's President, Vaclav Klaus, recently released a book that argues that environmentalism is the modern form of Marxism.

However, after doing some searching on Amazon.com this afternoon, I noticed how even Environmentalists are openly embracing Marxism.

Just look at the following sample of books that connect Marxism to environmentalism (and the author intends it in a good way)

I am shocked but not really that surprised.

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I'm not at all suprised. Enviromentalism is where the Marxist dweebs from the Viet-Nam era anti-war movement gravitated to when their cause no longer existed. It was ever about anti-capitalism anyway, as the anti-war movement was clandestinely sponsored by communist fifth columnists. They simply found a new vehicle for thier ideology. Now, this insidious agenda has been mainstreamed. All they needed was our children.

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The original Marxist thesis was that capitalism would collapse. That had not happened. The first fall-back position (Khrushchev's) was that the 'socialist bloc' would overtake the West in living standards. That had not happened either. The second fall-back position, used from the early 1970's onwards, which was sold to the Third World and became the UN orthodoxy, was that high Western living standards, far from being the consequence of a more efficient economic system, were the immoral wages of the deliberate and systematic impoverishment of the rest of the world. The argument that the West was somehow to blame for world poverty was itself a Western invention.

-- Paul Johnson in Modern Times: A History of the 20th Century, pg. 691

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