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Hi, my name's Andrew, but I prefer to go by Ash. I'm a philosophy major at the University of Utah, also a first year student at the OAC. I actually learn much more of value at the latter, but I still attend the former school because I think it will probably be a good idea to have the degree. My classes at the U are mostly a waste of time and money, my professors are apathetic at best, and my fellow students there...I don't even want to talk about them. (I have a theory that most students who choose philosophy as their major do so only because they're too stupid to take anything else, like one of the "hard" sciences; this was recently confirmed for me when a fellow student, in his eighth year at the university, told me that he'd finally decided on a philosophy major because "it's the easiest one.") :D

My main interest and career goal is fiction writing, particularly novels. I have many other interests, including music, film, psychology, politics, non-fiction philosophical writing, etc.

I'm not a very "social" person, mainly because of an apparent lack of rational, honest people to meet around where I live. I'm looking forward to having rational conversations with like-minded individuals on this board.

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