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I see that the show "Firefly" has not been mentioned here, so, in case someone here hasn't seen it before, I should recommend it, highly.

Firefly, unfortunately, was canceled from TV, mid-season in 2002. Fortunately, it's now on DVD and a movie is in the works. I'm finding that everyone I'm recommending it to enjoys it immensely; it's high individualism and romanticism, funny and philosophical, thrillingly plotful and visually stunning, witty and repeatedly watchable. I've bought my daughters each a set of their own, and they're showing it around too. My wife and I have watched through it 8 times now, enjoyed it every time, and are looking forward to the next time, soon. I've appended, below, earlier posts about it, elsewhere.

The latest, great news is that the movie version, "Serenity", is scheduled for release April 22, 2005.


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Subject: OWL: "Firefly"

Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 17:35:38 -0600

From: Monart Pon <[email protected]>

Organization: Starship Aurora

To: OWL <[email protected]>

To add another topic to the List:

The "Firefly" TV series is to be resurrected in the "Serenity" film.

There's hope for the culture yet, and something inspiring and enjoyable

to look forward to.

Previously, I posted elsewhere:

Subject: [starship_Forum] "Firefly" on DVD

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004

From: Monart Pon

To: Starship Forum [email protected]>

"Firefly", the unusually entertaining and provocative TV series that was

canceled by Fox last year is now available on DVD, all 14 episodes on 4

discs (from Amazon.com or Chapters.ca, at discounted prices). This may

be your only chance to watch this revolutionary show that's sure to

please any rational, romantic individualist. I'm hoping for a

resurrection of the show.

Subject: [starship_Forum] TV Show Worth Watching: "Firefly"

Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002

From: Monart Pon

To: [email protected]

Another starship TV series worth watching is Firefly": about a civilian

transport ship and crew, out and about doing freelancing work, set in a

future where Earth is "all used up", and humanity has colonized numerous

systems, but a collectivist Alliance is seeking to gain centralized

control over the colonists. What's different about this well produced

show is the pioneer "wild west" flavor of the worlds and aboard the

Firefly ship "Serenity", with a mix of hi-tech and low tech gear, and

with country-western southern accents. The captain and crew are a band

of varied and interesting characters, including the unpredictable but

decent captain, a mysterious preacher, an aristocratic doctor and his

recovering brain-washed genius sister, a female "Companion", a woman

engineer, a married couple, and an ex-mercenary.


Other previous postings:




Movie Announcement posted at:


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Actually, I believe Firefly has been discussed on here before. This is where I became interested in the series.

Here's and earlier thread:


I agree that it is a great series and I'm glad to see they are releasing a movie.

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