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A book on the decline of America?

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Anybody know of and recommend a book on the decline and fall of America? In terms of the disintegration of the Constitution. Like from the *wonderful* public school system, to the Income Tax, to the Social Security System, to Medicare/Medicaid, to FDR's Economic Rights. I really think it would be an interesting read, and I doubt that no one has written a book like that yet.

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Though I haven't read any of Fareed Zakaria's books, his latest one -- "The Post American World" may address some of what you're looking for.

Updated: I just read that Zakaria says his is "... not a book about the decline of America, but rather about the rise of everyone else."

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How far back in American History does Ominous Parallels by Peikoff go? History wise. I know it's a comparison to NAZI Germany. But I mean how far back in American History?

I think all the way from the American Revolution to the 1960's or so when the hippie movement became somewhat widespread. He compares the hippie culture, and somewhat modern leftism and collectivism, to the culture of pre-Nazi Germany.

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