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You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for dirt now. How pathetic.

It was mainly a joke but...

Am I not to cast judgement? Judge and prepare to be judged. Right? If this really is Palin's daughter I'll have to say she appears to be a trashy, scroate-tainted, two-face. But, so is a lot of other young women her age. Which is a great irony and horror in the the ranks of conserative Christians... They constantly push family values and moral behavior such as abstinence, soberity and anti-adultry... yet we see wonderful examples of the direct opposite popping up from the very people who are looked on as being models of this behavior. Eh, I could go in to it more, but it's late and I'll save it for a larger thesis.

It's not like the daughter is going to affect my choice for president. But, I feel really uncomfortable about having the backwards-Yankee-cab-wearing-vodka-weilding-scroate anywhere near our nations highest governing body.

It wont be too long til we start putting sports drink in the irrigation systems.

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"I think life is a game"..."you and i are players and god is the coach"..."would he put us here without a game plan? Absolutely not"..."his game plan leads to success". And, "wouldn't it be great to have someone who will say 'i wonder what god will think about this' "it's my hope that McCain and Palin will lead America to a spiritual revival so that god can truly bless America".

This is the future of the Republican party... a cocktail of sports, religion and politics.

Finally McCain made his acceptance speech. Early on there was a couple protesters or something that caused a ruckus and had to be thrown out. He commented something like "pay no attention to the static and background noise". It was mostly the same things we've already heard a thousand times, and long elaborations on his military career. It picked up steam at the end, about when he made it through his time in Hanoi and was transformed by love for Americas ideals saying, "I wasn't my own man anymore, i was my country's". "Nothing brings greater happiness in life than to serve a cause greater than yourself".

You know, I felt bad for McCain... those people were rude. The man couldn't finish a sentence without hundreds of people screaming and chanting. Maybe coach left them an impression that this was a football game or something? They sure as hell acted like it.

Also, does anyone know what was with the people getting thrown out?

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It was mainly a joke but... Am I not to cast judgement? Judge and prepare to be judged. Right?

Those two things said together show me that you aren't really serious. It can't be both really, and if you think that' what Rand meant by the term, then keep reading.

Yeah, I've made my judgment.

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Honestly the end of his speech was pretty damn rousing. Insisting "we stand up for what is right". If I didn't think those promises were so hollow, and given the last several years of Republican rule, I might just be persuaded that "their kinder, gentler form of rape is actually consensual sex".

Intersting you should mention that. Even though I can't take part in American elections (being a Mexican citizen and all), it is of great importance to me, and to the world at large, how America goes. So I pay a lot of attention to the US elections and, as far as possible, try to influence people here and there, mostly in discussion groups like this one.

Until recently I wasn't convinced the GOP, or the religious right component of it, intends to establish any form of theocracy. And in this and the 2004 election I thought a victory in Iraq and continued war on terror-sposoring states was more important anyway. but then I read this:


I recommend reading the whole thing. It's about an attmept in Colorado, Ammedment 48, to grant the status of person to fertilized human ova. The potential consequences are horrible (do read the piece). It wouldn't only outlaw aboriotn, though it would do that, but might outlaw some forms of contraception and in-vitro treatments.

The consequences are not only horrible, but also widespread. One such is that a woman with an uwanted pregnancy would be unable to end it, while a woman desperate for a child of her own would be unable to even try to conceive it. Take away some forms of contraception, possibly including the pill, and you're looking at a disater waiting to happen. it's so bad I'm sure reasonable religious people opposed to abortion woudl oppose this ammendment as well. But religious fanatics would be only too happy to force it on all of us. This also tells you whose bright idea it was to begin with.

Even so, I'm not entirely convinced I should try to influence people away from McCain or towards Obama. Here's the thing in emotional terms: I can see myself voting for McCain (while holding my nose), I just can't conceive voting for Obama at all short of a loaded gun applied to my head. As I said, these is my emotional response. I don't like the GOP, but for the most part I can tolerate it. I'm just plain repulsed by the Democrats. Obviously this is something I need to sort out.

And there's still the war to consider. Iraq is safe. I mean it would take a willfull self-destructive action by Obama or his party to mess thigns up. But there's Iran trying to build nukes, al qaida rising in Pakistan and Afghanistan again (and Pakistan already has nukes). Isn't that the more immediate danger?

In addition, the Democrats have embraced multiculturalism to the point that they subvert their overt beliefs, like women's and gay rights, to whatever savge minds stuck in the past express they want.

I just don't know what to do yet.

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The signs being waved say "Service" and "Country First". I think McCain might well try to push some mandatory service of the type that Obama wants too.
I think the service McCain is trying to highlight is his own. While the service Obama has in mind is everyone else's.
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I actually really agree with this. Although I expected it, I'm still in utter shock about the amount of sudden nationalism displayed by the Republicans. I mean "Country First" really begins to make the facism meter buzz a bit.

Also, with all their talk about the terrorists (Muslims), and their painting of the Democrats (Communists/socialist)... it reminds me of the National Socialists who blame Jews and communists for all their problems. You could substitute atheists and generally non-Christians in there for show. But the parallels are becoming ominous indeed.

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But, it's got what plants crave! It's got electrolytes!

The funny thing is that the stuff we use in the lab to grow mammalian cells, is basically gatorade :P I mean, you add some serum to it, as well, but the basal media that's used is water, electrolytes and a bunch of vitamins and amino acids, that's almost exactly what they put in sports/energy drinks.

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The funny thing is that the stuff we use in the lab to grow mammalian cells, is basically gatorade :P I mean, you add some serum to it, as well, but the basal media that's used is water, electrolytes and a bunch of vitamins and amino acids, that's almost exactly what they put in sports/energy drinks.

Yes, but that was a movie reference. It refers to BRAWNDO, from the movie Idiocracy.

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When McCain was talking about his prison experiences, it sounded like he had lived through one of the "rare hypothetical" situation sometimes discussed on the forum. Of course, his was not the absurdly rare (like a man at a rail-switch who has to decide who the train will kill). Nevertheless it was not the typical situation from which one ought to induce and ethical system.

Or, perhaps he didn't; perhaps his ethics is based on more than that, and he's using the prison story politically because he understands the emotion it invokes. Here's a variation of the strip above, showing the how the two supposed opposites say they derived their Ethics:



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