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Looking to Borrow "The History of Philosophy" by Dr. Peikoff

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I'm looking to borrow Dr. Leonard Peikoff's course The History of Philosophy. If anyone is interested, I have the courses and lectures listed below from which you may borrow in exchange for allowing me to borrow Dr. Peikoff's course on the history of philosophy. They are all on CD unless otherwise noted.

Lectures by Dr. Leonard Peikoff:

Understanding Objectivism

The Art of Thinking

Objective Communication

Objectivism Through Induction

Judging, Feeling, and Not Being Moralistic

Lectures by Dr. Harry Binswanger:

How to Study Ayn Rand's Writings

Logical Thinking

The following lectures are all on audio cassette, most of which were kindly given to me by a member of the OO.net forums:

Philosophy: Who Needs It by Ayn Rand

What is Success? by Dr. Leonard Peikoff

Is Success Within Your Control? by Dr. Leonard Peikoff

Psycho-Epistemology II by Harry Binswanger

Chewing the Objectivist Virtues by Dr. Gary Hull

Metaphysical Value-Judgments by Dr. Gary Hull

Setting Goals to Improve Your Life and Happiness by Dr. Edwin Locke

Traits of Business Heroes by Dr. Edwin Locke

Thank you,


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