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Biden: Wealthy Americans Must Pay More Taxes to Show Patriotism

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It would almost be worth it to see a reform where the taxes are still obligatory--but the taxpayer gets to choose which government program(s) they go to.

It would amount to a huge referendum on what people think the government ought to be doing. (I'd ship mine over to several places in the Department of Defense, personally.) I wonder how much pork and special interest crap would disappear. Does anyone imagine the gasohol subsidies would be funded at today's level if people had to semi-volunteer for it?

I would anticipate a lot of thoroughly awful TV ads during tax season.

(Of course the government usually does a good job obfuscating where the money is going. One dodge is to show the majority of expenditures as going to "government payroll" without being able to tell what jobs the government employees are performing. Only costs for supplies, materiel, travel, etc., end up allocated to the program.)

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Apparently old Charley Rangel isn't feeling terribly patriotic:

Rep. Charles Rangel will not step down as chairman of a powerful tax-writing committee as he undergoes an ethics investigation by fellow lawmakers, his lawyer said Tuesday.

The New York Democrat has faced increasing questions about his future, as Republicans urge his removal from the House Ways and Means Committee over his personal finances, including unreported income on a vacation home in the Dominican Republic that has led to his owing an estimated $5,000 in back taxes.


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