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Clarification regarding my comments on Peikoff & Bernstein

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I am suffering from severe user error - and apologize for creating a new post for this.

There was a thread a few days ago where I stated that I felt that people always voting down one party ticket didn't make sense to me, and it bothered me when I heard Objectivists come out and say Vote Democrat! or Vote Republican! or not to vote at all if there was no really good candidates on the presidential ticket.

Anyhoo - I posted that I didn't agree with Dr. Peikoff about voting down the line for Democrats, and even mentioned one time when I heard Andy Bernstein speak that he mentioned he wouldn't vote for Democrats.

Someone (sorry I cannot remember which one of you) had responded to my post, which made me realize I needed to go back and reread what Peikoff wrote.

I have gone back and reread what Dr. Peikoff wrote, and in what I wrote it made it look like what HE was saying was voting for democrats was some sort of intrisinic thing - and that of course, as you stated that isn't really correct, so I need to correct what I wrote. I should have written it clearer - because to me it came off that way, but clearly isn't the same thing.

Even so, I didn't agree then (and I don't agree now) to just voting down the party ticket like that. I didn't think (to me) his reasons were good enough. But that is just my opinion, because I do think you still have to look at each candidate closely, whether at the city/county/state or federal level.

And regarding what Andrew Berstein stated in the talk I was at - his comment(and I am NOT quoting verbatum - this is how I remembered it) was that even the religious loved the country more than the far left, so he basically had more faith that they would not run the country to the ground as fast as voting a straing democrat ticket. I cannot speak for him and say whether or not he looks at each candidate individually (I personally think he would).

Sorry I didn't reply sooner - but again, I wanted to clarify what I wrote, because after reading posts after what I had written, I realized that what I wrote made it seem that I didn't really respect either Peikoff's or Bernstein's opinions - and that is not the case.

I just didn't agree with their statements.

So again - sorry for creating a new post - but being a bonehead, despite searching through my posts and the board I cannot find it.

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one time when I heard Andy Bernstein speak that he mentioned he wouldn't vote for Democrats.

I asked him about this once after a lecture he gave. He told me he wasn't sure of peikoff's current opinion about the election. He said he would not vote Democrat because he believes religion is on a downward trend. He also told me he had not thought about it enough yet (this was before the candidates were even picked), so who knows what his current position is.

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