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Freedomworks & Americans For Prosperity

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Anyone familiar with these two organizations?

I wasn't aware of either until last night, while I was bopping around the internet reading various articles and they were referenced.

The links:

Freedomworks (Dick Armey's group)


Americans for Prosperity - which appears to be a group founded by people that split with the above group


I am curious as to what your opinions are on either of these groups. They both appear to be somewhat bipartisan - and have similar goals - more freedom, less taxes, yadda, yadda, and have people working in various states around the country on local and national issues.

Has anyone here been involved in either?

What are you thoughts - the value of either of these groups?


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Like you said they do seem pretty bi-partisan, afraid to step on anyone's shoes. They also appear mostly focused on ideas rather than the means to implement them, but I suppose it's better than nothing. They aren't Objectivists by far, but it's nice to see more and more people starting to call out the government on all it's bullshit.

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No - I never expected they would be Objectivist - but it appears there are definitely some things about them that someone influenced by Objectivism can appreciate.

I am doing reading online on both - I am intrigued.

I know there is an O'ist Activism group - but I haven't joined that, well, because I don't meet the requirement of being able to say I am a 100% full blooded Objectivist at this point in time. I like what they are doing; it will be interesting to see in the coming year how effective they are.

But back to the other two groups - I guess what I am trying to find out is how they work locally and such - I can contact someone from the site, but was hoping I could get some perspective by peeps on the board too - so thanks for responding.

Not sure what, if anything, I would do with these groups, but as I said, I am intrigued....

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