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Metallica - Death Magnetic.

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I know we have at least a couple of fans of metal on this site, and since Metallica is probably the biggest band since the Beatles, I'd assume many of you have heard it.

What are your impressions on this?

I've only heard about half the album, and have mixed feelings. I think " Suicide And Redemption " is their best piece of work in 20 years, for sure. I like the intro to " Unforgiven III ", but the song itself lets down.

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I am pleasantly surprised by the raw energy of the album, especially given the fact that the band has been successfully in existence for so long. the temptation to become complacent and repeat yourself becomes too tempting to too many artists. Something I think they have been able to avoid, they shake the boots of many young bands out there.

But I do feel the album needs some getting used to and the overall mood of it is heavily dark. "The Day That Never Comes" and "The Unforgiven III" are the most accessible. 'That Was Just Your Life' is something I have a tendency to skip. 'The Judas Kiss' is nice. 'Suicide & Redemption' is some very good guitar playing, it however has a problem ending..it drags on too long.

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I like it, much better than ST. ANGER, but it feels too much like a retread of past material; they're plagiarizing themselves. (I'd like to be "Generous" and say it's all variations on a theme, but I can't, knowing that Rick Rubin was involved, who is known for bringing artists "back to their roots," in a pandering kind of way.) No new ground here. Still, I like a few tracks, "Cyanide" is good, and "Broken, Beaten, and Scarred" is my current anthem when I'm angry. "Breaking your teeth on a hard life coming/Show your scars...what don't kill ya make ya more strong...but we die hard." Could be my war cry in the Obamanation. Gets me pumped, and ready to face the world on my terms. I'll trade the album for this one song alone.

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