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Request:Does Anybody Know Where I Can Find Debates involving Objectivi

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I can't seem to find any videos of Objectivists debating other people on certain topics. It's always Rep. Vs. Dem., or Dem. Vs. Lib. etc... Can somebody post some debates involving Objectivists up?

On the right-hand side of the site, check out the debate between Yaron Brook and Jeffrey Finkle on Eminent Domain: http://www.theobjectivestandard.com/events.asp

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Do you mean in academia or in general or in politics? I'm not sure but I don't think they focus on debating. The new ARC has been involved in some online text debates on

The latest is their online debate with the loathsome Discovery Institute on Intelligent Design.

abortion, and on U.S. policy on Iran.

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It's always Rep. Vs. Dem., or Dem. Vs. Lib. etc...

That's probably because those are "debates" that consern "issues" instead of principles behind the issues, and it's not just Objectivism that doesnt get debated that often, it is philosophy and principles in general that dont. You wont see many "real" socialists or altruists in debates either, and even though most politicians are politically socialist and altruistic, they rarely debate the underlying principles behind those politics, and i'd even argue that they arent even aware of them.

I've usually noticed, that people interested in philosophy in general, even the relativist altruists, are much more "respectful" about Objectivism, and interested in debates. Sure, conversion is difficult, but at least it's not the "she was a russian godless satan", or "Objectivism teaches that you should kill your parents once they get too old" arguments you get.

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