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Objectivism in One Lesson

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Just wanted to let everyone know that you can preorder for Andrew Bernstein's new book, that some of us have been anticipating, Objectivism in One Lesson. It's expected to arrive once ordered in late October.

HERE it is at the Ayn Rand Bookstore. It's one hundred and twenty-seven pages in length, so perhaps this will be one of, or the best way of introducing people to the philosophy of Ayn Rand as the book's purpose seems to be.

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Would this be a worthwhile buy for those who have read OPAR and ayn rand's nonfiction? Is it too early to have a definite answer to that?

Tonight I was able to spend a moment looking up more information about this new book, and I found way more details than what was included in that little description the ARIBookstore provided, on Dr. Bernstein's site HERE and I quote:

[...][OPAR] is ideal for advanced students; but it was never intended as an introduction to Objectivism. Consequently, a bridge is needed, an introductory text for the millions of readers who love Ayn Rand’s novels and who want to take the next step in understanding her philosophy that will culminate with their study of OPAR. Objectivism in One Lesson is that text.

So, I don't think it's to early to tell, given it's purpose as a bridge. One may then ask, if you've already gotten to OPAR, why would one go all the way back over its bridge, when it's not really needed or necessary, when you are already there? In answer, for me, I just want to find out just how sturdy that bridge is, and then see if I can get others to walk across it, on over to OPAR, seeing how some I know felt rather overwhelmed by the very looks of it. Hopefully, I now have a work that will allow them to approach it more easily, eagerly, and more confidently; confident in their ability to be able to conquer the very foreign philosophic land that they had once seen before, or remember seeing in Rand's fiction. The bridge, from Rand's fiction to her non-fiction, into studying her philosophy as such, has now been constructed, and once it's open, soon our readers' eyes will be able to walk across its lines, and see just how sturdy it is for ourselves, before we yell back to the others, "Come on, it's easy to get to OPAR this way!"

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I have not read it, but I have talked with a few who have and they found it an excellent overview or resource for someone who knows nothing about O'ism but is curious to know more. For that reason, it may be of interest to experienced O'ists so that they may refer it to other less-experienced types.

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