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S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine

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Not the happiest material, but this documentary on the Khmer Rouge death camp at Tuol Sleng has a very interesting approach. (Slight "spoilers" follow, if you can consider them spoilers in the case of a documentary.) Most of the film consists of former Khmer Rouge prison guards going through (discussing and reenacting) what they did there. There are also a couple of survivors of the camp interviewed, one of whom is a painter who depicts scenes from his time in the camp in his work, and who is given the opportunity to confront the guards, his former captors. There is also a scene in which one of the guards is taken to task for his actions by his parents. It's riveting stuff. And they don't try to prettify it at all; in fact, the film ends with the guards' recounting of how they carried out the actual executions of prisoners. It's quite horrifying.

Has anyone else here seen this already? If not, it's worth seeing.

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