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Colin Powell Endorses Obama

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Yeah, another courageous, principled decision from Colin Powell. /s

My only question is: did The One promise him Defense or State? Madame Secretary's been lobbying hard for State for a couple of years, and Powell's already been in that spot. He feels all hurt and bitter over the drubbing Rumsfeld and Bushco gave him, so I suspect he'd like to try to redeem his reputation and head up the Pentagon.

Could it be that the man endorsed him because he analysized the positions and persons of both candidates and came to an honest conclusion that one was better then the other?

Why is that not an option?

Powell did offer his rationale for supporting Obama. I thought most of his argument was sensible; what did you find irrational in what he said?

I think Powell hit it on the nail. Especially the part about the Republicans focusing so much on Ayers and Obama "being a Muslim" and trying to tie him to Islamic terrorism. They can't or wont debate essential issues, so they rely on low fear-mongering. Powell is right to be disgusted with them. At least with Obama we won't get the"War For Infinity" which is what the Republicans want.

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Some conservative analyst actually had a good point: If he's not rasist, where are all the white, inexperienced liberals Colin Powell has endorsed in the past?

I'm assuming Governor Weld,Governor Carlson, and even Bush's own former Press Secretary are all supporting Barak Obama because they want to see a black man in the White House?

All their stories line up and it points to exactly what've I've been saying -- McCain's campaign and the neocon machine is running off of bigotry, fear, and slander.

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