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Why you cannot invest in the stock market right now

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Orange Cat

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When the government changes the rules, you cannot play in the game. It is insanity. It is hard enough predicting human action, but to predict government favoritism is impossible.

This article says it so well:

What will it take for Joe the Plumber to Invest in the Stock Market:

It seems these days the question for every stock market pundit is "what will make the common man feel safe again about investing in the stock market?" Sadly, every government intervening solution they propose completely misses the mark. The simple answer is: nothing. Do nothing and people might start investing again. I can't speak for all people, but I am certainly a common person. I do not have a ton of money to invest. I have a small IRA that now will not get me through 4 months of retirement let alone get me through my golden years. Yet, through my IRA I was invested in the stock market, although now it is mostly in cash. (I must make a small disclosure here. My name is not Joe and I am not a plumber.)

I admit I am not a sophisticated investor. I am just an average person. But this average person sees that the government is playing favorites and unless you know who are on their "special" list then you have no way of knowing how to invest. If you see a housing market slowing, you can make a decision based on that information, but what do you do when the government decides one day that the housing market cannot slow: You lose your shirt because all your investments just fell through the floor.


(the article continues here: http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig8/hamilton6.html)

I didn't write it and it is only fair the writer gets credit for her work.

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If I had the cash, I'd invest right now, but that's just my personal view. Besides, when can you invest in the market if not right now?

Assuming the rules aren't constantly changing...

When you're in a good financial situation for it. Debt free (except maybe for house), current on all bills, etc.

Investing based on "timing the market" is a great way to lose your shirt. Investing should always be long term.

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