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James Clavell

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Reading James Clavell had a huge impact on me when I was growing up. I read his books shortly after coming to the U.S. and practically learned English from them.

Today, I came across his wikipedia entry, which contains this:

Politically, Clavell was said to have been an ardent individualist, anti-fascist and proponent of laissez-faire capitalism, as many of his books' heroes exemplify.

Clavell admired Ayn Rand, founder of the Objectivist school of philosophy, and sent Ayn Rand a copy of Noble House in 1981 inscribed: "This is for Ayn Rand—one of the real, true talents on this earth for which many, many thanks. James C, New York, 2 Sept 81."

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I started to read Shogun at one point, but I had checked it out of the library and for some reason didn't renew it. I'll have to pick it up again one of these days.

I've always had the impression that Clavell fans were probably Michener fans as well. Anyone read Hawaii?

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I've read Shogun a couple of times. It's probably the only book I've ever read where I wanted to skip over the romance in order to get back to the plot--it's just that engrossing. My favorite line by far is when the Daimyo confronts the Spanish priest:

"An act of God? No, it was an act of Toronaga!"

Well worth reading.

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