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Romance and evolution.

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The way I see it, man being the mover and woman being the moved are understood strictly in a romantic context. The mover gives to the moved. In a bioevolutionary context, however, women are the movers and men the moved. The mover takes from the moved.

Where the goal of any bioevolutionary context is to create new life existentially, the goal of any romantic context is the creation of new life intellectually.

There is a perfectly good explanation for this and it has to do with the fact that the mind is adapted not only for flourishing in an individual manner, but also to accomidate the possibility of new children.

Our minds grow from sex, in a very certain manner that involves our readiness to have children. It becomes in our interest to have children because the ways we become happy change.

This does not mean that it's unromantic not to have children. It does, however, mean that children do not kill romance. Not if the romance is genuine and so are the partners.

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