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I am new here, so this has probably been discussed before, but I would like to know what people think. I have heard people say that if the film version of AS is ever made, they hope that composer Richard Halley is simply left out, as any attempt would be ultimately disappointing. I disagree, I think that in the film medium; music can play a great role, and it should absolutely be tried. There are many composers today who create inspiring and life affirming music. For instance, I find the track "Eric's theme" from the Chariots of Fire soundtrack to be very inspiring. I can imagine something like that over the ending scene of a film as Galt makes the sign of the dollar.


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From an artistic standpoint, a movie version of Atlas Shrugged will probably have to leave most of the less-important characters out. The problem with Halley in particular is that everyone who reads the book hears the music differently, according to their personal tastes.

Personally, I think they might do well retaining Paul Spaeth to write some piano music, but I'll just be happy if the movie doesn't outright suck. Hoping for some really stellar piano music is probably too much.

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