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U.S. Citizens scramble for guns

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It wasn't just the Brady Bill--which we are still stuck with--but also the high-cap magazine and "assault weapon" ban, the Feinstein Amendment, which sunset in 2004. Even though the Republicans got elected due to those, neither measure actually got repealed. (We have the NRA to thank for the Brady Bill, they *approve* of it and wouldn't lobby for its repeal. But the Rs were too spineless, even in 1995, and even when they had a Republican president in 2001, to get rid of the Feinstein baloney.)

If the Dems *do* pass something--and many of them hate guns too much to care if they take a fall for it (see Bill Clinton's quote, he thought it was worth losing Congress)--they will make it permanent this time, no ten year sunset, and the Republicans will never have the testicular fortitude to repeal it. A ratchet effect.

Any gun control proposed MUST be fought vigorously. Unfortunately due to the ratchet, we have to win every time, they only have to win once.

I agree that any gun control must be fought tooth and nail. I didn't, however, know that the brady bill didnt sunset along with the assault weapons ban. Wow. Also, from my understanding, the RKBA is a overall a better gun rights lobby than the NRA.

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