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"rational Man" Prints Up For Auction

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Thought people here might be interested in this, from Betsy Speicher's Cybernet (http://www.4cybernet.com/):




BRIAN SMITH has just put the first art work from his fantastic new

series - "RATIONAL MAN: The Logic Chronicles" up for sale on eBay. If

you are the high bidder, you can own an 11" X 14" drawing of superhero

Rational Man or villainess Red Herring -- or both.

Brian will inscribe a personal message to the winning bidder and will

sign and date his creation. This is your opportunity to have a

spectacular art work you will be proud to display now, a conversation

piece for years to come, and a long-term investment. (What IS a

first-year Superman or Spiderman signed and dated drawing worth now?)

These drawings are the original concept art from Brian's series of

illustrated books for young adults, ages 8-18, with a style that is a

cross between children's illustrated storybooks and glossy graphic

novels. The purpose of the series is to introduce the reader to the

principles of logic and the logical fallacies by way of fictional

adventures. In addition to the books, there are plans for

merchandising, video games, negotiating movie rights, etc.

The bidding starts at only $1, so have a look and make a bid.




A very big note of appreciation goes out to Betsy here, not just for notifying people of the auction, but for planning and hosting it as well. She has been an invaluable help and inspiration for this and, in fact, the entire RM project.

Thank you! :)

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Due to popular demand, through Betsy Speicher I am now offering Limited Edition RM print sets directly to the public. She made this announcement in her latest Cybernet (Oct Edition):



Brian Smith is also the creator of the new RATIONAL MAN - THE LOGIC

CHRONICLES books.  He is offering a limited edition set of two of his

character concept drawings, inscribed, signed and dated, to

CyberNetters for only $75 the set.  There are only 25 sets in the

limited edition, so go right over to


to have a look and place your order.

While the offer is for Cybernet subscribers, Betsy says mention you saw the offer on OO.net and she will give you the special CyberNet deal.

Get them while you can. :rolleyes:

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