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Zeitgeist and Venus project

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This film is about economy, religion, technology, venus project and about all our life's in nationalities and money :nuke: .

I didn't find the topic zeitgeist, so I wonder, who saw this film?


You can see it here:


What do you think about it? What do you think about Venus project?

Do you agree with this film ideas and what ideas you will disagree. :)

How these things changes our future? economy- money...technology...

thank you.

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The film has good points and bad points, but the project venus part was crazy!

I smiled when they explained Project Venus. It's a pie in the sky dream that isn't tied down to reality. It's an enormous blank out. Who is going to build this huge city with its state of the art transportation? Who is going to provide maintenance to it when things go wrong and break down? Who is going to manufacture the parts that are used? Who is going to design it? Who has input to design it?

If someone wants to have something that not everyone can have, such as a lavish, expensive suit, then how will he be able to get it? He wont.

The project venus guy talks about putting a pendulum in cars to prevent drunk drivers from driving, installing radars so cars cannot hit each other, installing anti-slip pads in the roadways. Who will research, design, build, install these things?

Who will run the wastewater facilities, the garbage collection, the water supply system, the landscaping, the street sweeping, the manual labor? Robots? Who will design the robots and repair them when they break? Other robots? Until he can design a machine that produces human thinking - an artificial man that humans can enslave instead of putting chains around other men - he'll be stuck putting the chains around other men and saying it is their duty.

He's struggling to envision a society where nobody can aspire - where equality reigns supreme. Where everyone is mediocre and can never rise above it.

...and I just watched the final section of it. Deepen the voice a bit and it could have been Toohey!

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Hmm...the project, yes the documentary zeitgeist..the both shocked me...zeitgeist is the best documentary i've seen..and I watched it 2 days ago til 3 o'clock in the night...but I don't think that the venus project is possible with the actual human art of thinking...My opinion is that the project is like the communism without money, the difference is that the venus project is based on resources. But the resources in our planet are rare...i'm studying economy at the university and that is what i'm being teached. Resources < Needs of people... so we cannot provide the well being for 8 billion people with the resources that we have. I have watched the documentary and I have seen that there is enough natural energy and that the people don't need the fosils..but this solar,eolian etc that should be made...without investments it's impossible. And I also think that this system based only on resources, without money...it's like an utopia...People need to achive goals, to have a target in their lifes..they cannot leave without something that make them work hard,develope their souls ..their personality. Let's suppose that the robots make for us(humans) 90% of the work..but what will people do? who will compose music, who will direct movies, who will wright a good roman...nobody..Only 5% of the people do their job because they really like that. What will happen with the schools,universities..good teachers ? In 2-3 generations all will be lost..I have seen photos with the houses,transportaton and other things involved in this project...but I think they should test a bunch of people..put them inside,with their children and ensure them all their needs ..and if they resist more than 50-60 years..the project is succesfull, but I think that people that leave in such conditions will have no progress, they'll be like vegetables..

I don't want to make them that belive in the project to influence in a wrong way...what if you are such one..watch walle movie..a great animation,I think it;s the best ever..and you'll see how people will look after 100-200 years of VENUS PROJECT

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The claim that most of the world's religions are based on a really old one (Egyptian god Horus) isn't surprising.

The 9/11 Conspiracy BS is an insult to everyone who died. I do have a hard time thinking that the steel girders through the entire skeletal structure softened enough to cause a uniform collapse, but then I'm not a structural engineer (yet) and if I become one I probably won't have access to the data. There may be unsatisfactorily answered questions, but to go so far as to say it's a conspiracy is irrational.

Energy solutions and innovations in wind, solar and geothermal I'm down with and plan to build using them. There are (experimental) buildings in China already that are able to export energy back to the system due to extreme energy efficiency, and there are others setup using geothermals. I'm not sure where there are any wind and solar users, but I can guess there are.

Venus Project is garbage. No government = no law = no property rights. I'll stop there for picking apart the "Project". It would be nice to build some of those designs, but the rest is a Star Trek fantasy.

The Fed bank stuff was interesting, and I think I could be down with it after some research of my own if I were to ever care that much.

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The newest Zeitgeist movie - I think it is called Zeitgeist: moving forward, directly advocates against property rights. I am not at all familiar with the story behind those movies and the people involved. Does this have a large following? I started watching it on youtube but I could not stomach what I saw.

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The newest Zeitgeist movie - I think it is called Zeitgeist: moving forward, directly advocates against property rights. I am not at all familiar with the story behind those movies and the people involved. Does this have a large following? I started watching it on youtube but I could not stomach what I saw.

I just searched the topic on this forum because I started watching the youtube video this morning. I wouldn't say I couldn't stomach it but I did laugh quite alot. I must admit I didn't get past 30 minutes, so I can't speak for the entire documentary. But what I did see was a a lot of really goofy comments by viewers which gives me an idea into who buys into this.

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