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If you could be related to Ayn Rand, what relationship would you choos

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After listening to Dina Schein's "Ayn Rand's Home Atmosphere," I would have loved to be Ayn's fourth sister. This is an exceptional lecture, one that you should listen to if you want to understand that Ayn Rand was a real flesh/blood/mind person. And she was.

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Love interest (Psshaw, don't we all wish)

I hear you on that one! Love interest/boyfriend/husband tops the list.

If I had to make it a blood relation, then mom. Like Zip said,

To be raised as an Oist and not have to fumble around for 40 years to figure it out...
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I think she'd be most fun to have as an aunt--you know, the one that everyone *else* in the family thinks is crazy or at least unfortunately unconventional but gets you the best presents and takes you out to do fun stuff.

Thirded. Plus, she could have taught me some Russian. ;)

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I may be the only one to say something like this, but I'd have loved to be one of Rand's peers with whom I carried on an intense but mutually-respectful rivalry with an undercurrent of never-mentioned mutual admiration. To the outside world it might appear we intensely disliked each other but it wouldn't be so.

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Either Leonard Peikoff or a peer who is a romantic novelist too and we consult regularly for decades as we learn more and more about literature and romanticism, so that we discuss all the great writers together. Like I would have liked to have received a phone call from her when she read Rostand's essay on Zola in his early career. I don't know whether she read this, but I am confident that she must have had to. I have no idea how to find this essay right now, I've just heard about it but I would love to read it. I would like to be the friend who trades book reports with her.

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