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For fiction, may I suggest "Scaramouche" by Rafael Sabatini? As a kid, I grew up with the adventure novels of Salgari and Sabatini, but I never got around to reading "Scaramouche."

. . .

Any takers on the idea? :D

I read it a long time ago, but I'd love to read it again. I've had a streak of romantic historical fiction recently including Sabatini's Captain Blood as well as Orczy's Scarlet Pimpernel, and I can always go for more. Let me know when you think you'd want to start Scaramouche (It might be a little while for me since I want to finish Economics and the Public Welfare first).

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What's the status of this book group concept? I'd like to participate if it's currently going on.

I'm interested also. Were you thinking fiction or non-? I know of a terrific art criticism book, it might be an old textbook ART AND THE ART OF CRITICISM. Can't lay my hands on it right now. Very well thought-out and sounds a lot like Objectivism. It is a big read, though. I haven't found any good new fiction in a long while.

-- Mindy

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I liked the two "reading groups" that I participated in. Even though only one or two other people were involved each time, it was a way to bounce ideas off someone else, and to see their perspective when they read the same book.

Anyone interested in reviving this idea. Perhaps a short book would work better than a longer one. Personally, I would be interested in fiction or in economics/not-so-abstract philosophy/biography/history... preferably not by an Objectivist author.

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