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Illinois governor arrested

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The governor was led away in handcuffs, “as is usual protocol,” Grant said.

At a news conference hours later, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said the corruption charges against Blagojevich represent “a truly new low” and “would make Lincoln roll over in his grave.”

“This is a sad day for government,” he said at a news conference with federal prosecutors to discuss the arrest of Blagojevich. “Gov. Blagojevich has taken us to a truly new low." ---Chicago Sun-Times

I noticed Mr Fitzgerald's running this. He certainly proved himself while investigating Cheney and prosecuting Scooter Libby, so it's safe to say he'll also go after Obama if the evidence takes him there.

Do you think he'll find anything substantial?

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Wow, first Governor Ryan, now this clown. Is there something in the Lake Michigan water?
A CNBC reporter said that 4 Illinois governors have come up against serious charges in the last 35 years, of which 3 have actually gone to prison. So, I think the answer is "yes"!
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I thought the senate seat was already for sale. This guy just made the connection absolutely clear, and for that he should be honored! :D

The WSJ has a history of past Illinois governor trouble. Otto Kerner (D) from the 70s went to prison, and the federal prosecutor on his case, James Thompson, R, later became governor and used his private law firm to help out another Illinois governor in trouble (Ryan, D) for free.

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And I thought I was bad about the F-bomb! http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2008/12/09...rging-governor/

According to the affidavit, in one profanity-laced account, Patricia Blagojevich was allegedly heard in the background of a call between her husband and someone identified as "Deputy Governor A" advising the governor on how to handle The Chicago Tribune, which had published an editorial critical of the governor.

"F--- them," Patricia Blagojevich is quoted as saying, according to the affidavit. In an apparent reference to the Tribune Company's attempts to sell Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs, she urges the two engaged in the phone call to "hold up that f---ing Cubs s---."

What a lovely couple! :D

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My question was, why is Illinois so much more corrupt than everyone else? This article has some interesting thoughts to ponder... http://www.slate.com/id/2206364/?from=rss

It's their culture. What native Illinoisans do and how they go about it is not to be judged by ignorant outsiders.

BTW my favorite scene in the movie "The Untouchables" (aside from the stairway sequence) is when Elliot Ness turns down a bribe from an alderman.

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Here we go, from the New York Times:


"But politicians routinely receive political contributions in return for their decisions, whether they involve making appointments or taking a stand on legislation."

"In the case of Mr. Blagojevich, it would be legal for the governor to accept a campaign contribution from someone he appointed to the Senate seat. What would create legal problems for him is if he was tape-recorded specifically offering a seat in exchange for the contribution."
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I think it's interesting that some of the Republicans are choosing not to smear for once. Definitely a wiser move on their part.

Your wording belies your own prejudices. I find that interesting, though not surprising. :lol:

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Of course Obama knew absolutely nothing about any of this. Why would he want to discuss or have any of his people discuss this matter with the governor of his home state. After all, he's appointing someone to take Obama's place in the US Senate, why would Obama even care who gets the seat? :lol:

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I have found this story semi-interesting and because of the dearth of good reporting I am going to speculate, something I am usually loath to do.

I find it very interesting that Fitzgerald sprung his trap before he had actual evidence of a crime. He even commented on this fact saying that this was getting ugly and he wanted to stop it before it went any further. Isn't this unusual for a prosecutor? Don't they usually like to have enough evidence to prosecute someone?

When Fitzgerald appeared on TV accusing Jokevich the worst he could come-up with was that turd saying: (paraphrasing) "this is very valuable", "I need to get something for this", stuff that politicians say every day. I'm not trying to defend Jokevich he is obviously a corrupt and crude mental midget of the first degree (not that unusual for a politician). But if so, why didn't Fitzgerald wait to take him down and anyone else who engaged him?

Here comes the speculation: Rahm Emanuel is also a crude political operative. I bet he and Jessie Jackson Jr. and others were beginning to engage this Joker and if Fitzgerald had waited Obama's name would have been dirt before his administration even got out of the gate. Sounds like Fitzgerald wanted to spare him and the country this embarrassment. Fitzgerald looks like quite the political operative himself.

Also Obama said he would gather and release all contacts made with Jokevich. Now that is on hold, ostensibly, because the prosecutor requested he wait. More speculation: Sounds like there were indeed some inappropriate contacts made and that now, with the help of the prosecutor, they are getting their story straight. They may even say that the Obama team was working with the prosecutor to expose this corruption. This would be another piece of evidence signaling a cover-up since this is information they could have released at Fitzgerald's press conference. (This paragraph may have gone too far but the rest seems quite plausible to me).

Prediction: Jokevich may get impeached, I don't know what the rules are on that (whether a crime actually must have been committed or not), but he won't spend one day in jail.

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