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HBL (Harry Binswanger List)

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For those of you who run or belong to an Objectivist Club on your campus, you may want to consider the offer being made by Harry Binswanger:


Being one of the charter members of his email list, I can attest to its value, both in content and as a broad based forum for Objectivists to discuss ideas with the brightest Objectivist minds.

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I'm currently taking advantage of his free trial month offer for campus clubs, and I'm enjoying it so much that I'm going to continue the subscription even if I can't get the club to help pay for it. This would be worth the cost even for my own individual subscription, but if we can split the costs among our club, that would be a really wonderful deal.

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I've been receiving the HBL list for 6 months. I originally signed up for the trial membership figuring that it might be interesting to get it for a month, but that I would almost certainly not be willing to spend $100 on it (for a yearly subscription).

I was wrong--the daily dose of reason it provides has become indispensable to me.

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