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John Galt's final warning

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If anyone is unfamiliar with the rendition of Galt's Speech by XCowboy2, here is his YouTube channel:


He is currently working on version 2.0 of the speech, which IMO is a great improvement, but only part two has been published so far. Version 1.0 ain't shabby, though. Check out the playlists on his channel page.

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I'm not opposed to it. I just never pictured it in the background as John Galt was speaking.

I really don't think any music should be playing. Maybe some light classical, very soft in the background, barely audible, but no more than that at all.

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John Galt with rap music?...Really?

I don't know - I could see Galt in his slacks and dress shirt (rolled up sleeves, of course), with a backwards baseball cap rapping.

Personally, I thought it was pretty good. I think the rap song was a good choice, although I would have chosen another. The only other suggestion I have is to shorten what Thompson was saying.

BTW - Merry Commercialist Christmas!

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