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Is anyone watching this?

The contestant Stefan has the arrogance to dominate and the skills to back his arrogance up.

I usually dont watch these shows but I am hoping he wins.


I absolutely love Top Chef! I have been to Perilla, the restaurant owned by season 1 winner Harold Dieterle, and it was fantastic. I love to see what kind of food these guys can come up with on such short notice.

I'm not so crazy about Stefan. He seems good, but not quite as good as he thinks he is -- Jamie was absolutely right to tell him it was crazy to make a hot soup on an 85-degree day (especially the gross, humid, 85-degree days we get here in NYC!), and although Team Chicken won, the judges and some of the guests commented on how odd it was to serve hot soup on a day like that. And he seems to think like an eight-year-old about Jamie -- "She acts annoyed at me, that means she loves me!" Not so much.

I'm rooting for Jamie. She's fairly consistently in the top group.

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